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I love Ubuntu 9.10 – Karmic Koala!

Stuffed Karmic Koala by icantthinkofanameJono Bacon said something about that you only hear from the people that dislikes what you’ve done and not those who liked you did – I’d like to tell you, Jono Bacon, and all other Ubuntu-developers – both at Canocial and community-based ones:


It is the best and mind-blowing release since… well, it has to be since Feisty Fawn (7.04). It is spectacular!


I consider it to be fast, reliable, modern, solid and real nice looking!  The new boot screen – I love it! And the new login-screen.

Karmic has felt this way since the third Beta, or so. Real nice! And sure there are a few bugs, so what? They will be fixed. And if it is after you’re well deserved vacation, then sure. It is a free (as in both beer and freedom) OS and it is fantastic! You should not ask for too much.

I can’t understand why so many people are complaining. If you don’t like it – change it! It’s Open Source and you can to whatever you want! And if you’re saying that you can’t because you dont’ know how – then start reading how to! Or do something else to contribute. Make a wallpaper the way you like it. Report all of those bugs you have instead of just waiting for them to be finished without actually being known to exist. Or help people around Launchpad or forums. Perhpas you found a way to fix that bug you where having? Look for it and tell them how you fixed it and perhaps a developer can release a general fix.

You have to add to you’re equation that Ubuntu has only been around for five years. Both Apple with its Mac OS and Microsoft with its Windows has been around for four times that long. And now look where they are and where we are – we are not that far behind. I think that both Canonical and the Ubuntu-community (and the GNU/Linux-community too, of course) are making a great job and real good progress. Everything might not be perfect – yet. But Karmic was and is probably the best Ubuntu-release so far. Just wait six months for Lucid Lynx. It will probably be even better.

Oh, while I’m at it: I still think that Ubuntu should continue with it’s six-months-release. You dont have to upgrade to the latest release each time it actually is released. Perhaps make one a year more stable then the other. Try some new stuff out, release it. And then make it better. Just like this year.

This has been a real good year for Ubuntu and GNU/Linux. Perhaps next year we will take over the world – Moahaha! Too much? Okay, sorry.. I got carried away. 😉

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