Recover files from old system LUKS drive

So a few weeks ago – at my very first lecture for this semester – my precious laptop (Sony Vaio Pro 13) gave in. I was rather upset, I must admit. However I actually got myself another one – with twice as much RAM and disk space (pretending it’s the same, altough I love new […]

Dagens kommando: apt-cacher

Igår släpptes Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus[0][1] och givetvis vad det dags för uppgradering. Då jag har flera maskiner som ska uppdateras så tänkte jag spara lite på bandbredden – dels för att minska påverkan på officiella spegelservrar men dels för att det är kul och att jag kan. Min laptop, min flickväns, min mors […]

Byt ut Ubuntus inloggningsljud mot Sam Hulicks egenkomponerade.

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr står för dörren. Jag kör den ny på min nya laptop (Sony Vaio Pro 13) och det är onekligen en go utgåva med en del nytt. Vad som inte är lika nytt är Ubuntus inloggningsljud, vilket inte har blivit ersatt på många, många år. I september förra året (2013) gick […]

Music App update – Sep 25th.

And so we have less then a month to go before Music 1.0 should(/will) be released. Oh, and there is a lot that’s happening! Changelog Mediascanner (Victor Thompson) Arguments (Daniel Holm) Reorder items (Andrew Hayzen) Move from Dialogs to Sheets (Daniel Holm) Settings Add to playlist Empty states when there is no music on device […]

Music App update – Sep 8th. 100th rev and v 0.6!

Happy 100th revision! For me this is truly a milestone. I mean, 100 revisions since Music was just a basic UI concept. Now look at it. It plays music, sorts tracks by artist, album, has playlist support, shows cover art, seeks and starts to look pretty darn good. We celebrate by giving you Music 0.6! […]

First Ubuntu App Showdown submission: Quiz

Quiz is a quiz game, simply. But not really as simple as a simple quiz game.The idea is quite large, which actually makes me wounder if I should just make it simple now, and to make it bigger later on. The idea is that you can use Quiz for two main reasons: 1. To learn: […]

Music App update – July 15th.

It’s been a while since the last update, but there haven’t been any real news or updates – until now(!). Today there where a lot that got merged into trunk, and therefore is coming to a PPA near you.   Changelog Removed the ability to chose your own music directory. Instead using default: ~/Music (Victor […]

How to create a simple web app for Ubuntu Touch.

DEPRECATED – It is now far easier to create a web app using the Ubuntu SDK. So I’ve started to create some really simple applications for Ubuntu Touch by using already existing web pages that are optimized for touch devices and smart phones, and then open them in the default web browser, but as separate […]