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A Video of SixA in action!

Hi all!

I got some pretty good news – SixA is almost done!

Thanks to Lars at the Ubuntu Sweden Forum and to tadeboro at GTKForums!

Before it is really release I wanted to show you a little video that I made of SixA running as it is just after installation. Untill furher notice, I will be looking for and fixing bugs.

To download and instal the latest branch:

  1. Install bzr:
    $ sudo apt-get install bzr
  2. Download the branch:
    $ bzr branch lp:gsixaxis
  3. Change dir to sixas:
    $ cd gsixaxis/
  4. Compile sixpair:
    $ make i386 (if you dont use amd64 or sparc or whatever)
  5. Install SixA and all needed files:
    $ sudo make install

Then You are good to go!

Please help us look for bugs and report them here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gsixaxis

You can find a higher quality video (OGG!) here: http://www.danielholm.se/dropbox/SixA-firstrun.ogv


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SixA 0.1 – Pajitnov is under good progress.

Now I’m done programing for today – but I it has been fun and I have got very far.

Some of the new features and functions in todays latest SixA 0.1 branch:

  • Signal handling – Now the buttons actually does something.
  • Completely functional tray icon – Now you are able to close it 😉
  • More future features added, but greyed out.
  • Added a gamepad image for future use of building a profile.
  • Created script for listing connected gamepads – but not implented.
  • Easily reset Bluetooth to its original state.
  • Support for activating whether the user wants to use a tray icon or not.
  • Support for loading needed modules on boot (uses custom bluetooth as start)
  • You can now close SixA again.
  • A bit less mesy sourcedir.

Also I have updated our Launchpad project page with:

  • Overlooked the Blueprints and linked them to proper branch, changed information and such.
  • Created a branch for the upcomming 0.2 release.
  • Changed the overall information regarding the project.

I have to say much thanks to tadeboro at http://www.gtkforums.com for helping me.

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SixA 0.1 aka. Pajitnov.

Hi all,

falkTX and I have agreed to have a deadline for SixA 0.1 and since all major FOSS projects has codenames, so does we. And because that this is the very first release of our complete GUI and code behind it, you could say that is quite revolutionary, therefore we shall call SixA 0.1 Pajitnov after the man behind Tetris. An easy, yet fun and useful game which changed the world of gaming.

SixA 0.1 codename Pajinov will be released 15th April.

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SixA – The beginning.

I admit I have been somewhat lazy with the development of SixA – the GUI for the PS3 gamepad. It has been hard to try to learn a new scriptlanguage. Not becuase of its complexity but rather because of my lack of spare time.

But the development is now taking some big (stumbling) steps. The GUI is still in heavy development and I’m still learning to handle signals from the GUI and use them together with some commands and actions. Like adding a new gamepad and tell it what to do.

All the other code is already pretty much done, Thanks to Filipe aka. falkTX. I will just have to implent it to the GUI and the actual SixA.

You can already watch the development, altough it doesnt to anything yet, it’s just a GUI. But still you can watch it and perhaps comment with improvements and such.

The code is hosted on Launchpad.

And you can download the latest branch using Bazaar:
$ bzr branch lp:gsixaxis

But you will probably need to install the bzr-package first:
$ sudo apt-get install bzr
(click on the link to install it graphically)

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SixA development.

Finally I’m on my way again to complete my GUI for the PS3 gamepad, named SixA.

The past couple of months I havent been able to get my SixAxis going under Ubuntu. Untill Filipe Coelho, Portugal, helped me out by creating a .deb with all the necassery scrips to get my gamepad going again, and now it works flawlessly.

And when he also started to build a GUI for his .deb I just had to have him on my team.

Two days have pased and we now have som really awesome ideas. Most of them is his.

So I don’t think it would take that long to have SixA ready for everyday-use. The main issue I had was how to, easy get all the users PS3 gamepad going withot that they would have to get their hands dirty in the terminal. Now that is done and I have to learn how to build a GUI instead.

Well that is actually on its way.

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