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A Video of SixA in action!

Hi all!

I got some pretty good news – SixA is almost done!

Thanks to Lars at the Ubuntu Sweden Forum and to tadeboro at GTKForums!

Before it is really release I wanted to show you a little video that I made of SixA running as it is just after installation. Untill furher notice, I will be looking for and fixing bugs.

To download and instal the latest branch:

  1. Install bzr:
    $ sudo apt-get install bzr
  2. Download the branch:
    $ bzr branch lp:gsixaxis
  3. Change dir to sixas:
    $ cd gsixaxis/
  4. Compile sixpair:
    $ make i386 (if you dont use amd64 or sparc or whatever)
  5. Install SixA and all needed files:
    $ sudo make install

Then You are good to go!

Please help us look for bugs and report them here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gsixaxis

You can find a higher quality video (OGG!) here: http://www.danielholm.se/dropbox/SixA-firstrun.ogv


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