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SixA 0.1 – Pajitnov is under good progress.

Now I’m done programing for today – but I it has been fun and I have got very far.

Some of the new features and functions in todays latest SixA 0.1 branch:

  • Signal handling – Now the buttons actually does something.
  • Completely functional tray icon – Now you are able to close it 😉
  • More future features added, but greyed out.
  • Added a gamepad image for future use of building a profile.
  • Created script for listing connected gamepads – but not implented.
  • Easily reset Bluetooth to its original state.
  • Support for activating whether the user wants to use a tray icon or not.
  • Support for loading needed modules on boot (uses custom bluetooth as start)
  • You can now close SixA again.
  • A bit less mesy sourcedir.

Also I have updated our Launchpad project page with:

  • Overlooked the Blueprints and linked them to proper branch, changed information and such.
  • Created a branch for the upcomming 0.2 release.
  • Changed the overall information regarding the project.

I have to say much thanks to tadeboro at http://www.gtkforums.com for helping me.

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