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SixA development.

Finally I’m on my way again to complete my GUI for the PS3 gamepad, named SixA.

The past couple of months I havent been able to get my SixAxis going under Ubuntu. Untill Filipe Coelho, Portugal, helped me out by creating a .deb with all the necassery scrips to get my gamepad going again, and now it works flawlessly.

And when he also started to build a GUI for his .deb I just had to have him on my team.

Two days have pased and we now have som really awesome ideas. Most of them is his.

So I don’t think it would take that long to have SixA ready for everyday-use. The main issue I had was how to, easy get all the users PS3 gamepad going withot that they would have to get their hands dirty in the terminal. Now that is done and I have to learn how to build a GUI instead.

Well that is actually on its way.

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