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Time for Linux to go mainstream?

Valve has now confirmed that they are working on a GNU/Linux client for their gaming service, Steam. And not just Steam, but one of their very own games too: Left4Dead.

The Linux community has welcome these news with open arm, since there’s been speculation about the Steam client for a couple of years.

Now it seems like Electronic Arts might have something up their sleeve after the news has gone out that they will hold a session during next Ubuntu Developer Summit. Is it a game; Origin; something else thats darn cool for the GNU/Linux desktop? Could Canonical be knowing something more, since they’ve been working with Valve to make sure that Steam will be optimized?

For two years, it’s been said that ”this (that) year is the year that Linux will go mainstream”. Unfortunately this has not been the case, but what about 2012 – could this be the year?

Since Steam finally is on it’s way to the Linux desktop, and that EA is even showing up to Ubuntu Developer Summit, I’d say it’s definitely on the right course!

Linux is absolutely becoming a larger competitor among Windows and OS X and with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS out the door, Linux is becoming more and more ready to become a OS for everyday use and for anyone, with any kind of computer knowledge.

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