My Music app on it’s way to Core apps.

Great news! My Music App, which I showed the to the world a week or so, ago is now being developed together with Canonical and the Community to become one of the Core applications in Ubuntu Touch – the default music application! I just had my first meeting with Michael Hall, Alan Pope and Victor […]

Canonical and Ubuntu.

It’s been a rather stormy few days the last week, during UDS (Ubuntu Developer Summit). Ubuntu, the free and open source Linux distribution is created, and financed by Canonical, a private company based in London, UK and run my Mark Shuttleworth. Mark told world that Ubuntu will be moving away from the six-month-release, and instead […]

Ubuntu och menyrevolution – HUD.

Det händer att man får höra – och ser det givetvis själv – att Ubuntu, eller egentligen alla Linuxdistributioner, efterliknar sina properietära konkurrenter Windows och Mac OS X. Menyer, muspakaren, skärmsläckare, knappar, notifieringar – till och med ikoner. Det är lite tråkigt när man tänker på det, samtidigt som man tänker: ”Men hur skulle det […]