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The first 10 things I do when I get a new Android phone.

I just got my Samsung Galaxy SIII today and have been playing around with it, and setting it up for a few hours now. I thought that I would share how I like to get a new phone running.

  1. Login to my Google Account so that I can get my WLAN key.
  2. Access my WLAN using the key.
  3. Set up audio and display settings along with security settings.
  4. Installing Firefox from Google Play and ownCloud client from apk.
    (Set up Firefox Sync and login to ownCloud)
  5. Remove some of the bloatware.
  6. Install the rest of the applications that I need, and want.
    Prey(!), Ultimate Guitar Tab, Google Reader, Wunderlist, bank app, Wikipedia, transit app, ConnectBot, Fing, Scrobbler, and much more.
  7. Setting up all my other accounts (e-mail, calendar, Twitter, and so on).
  8. Set up Prey!
  9. Root!
  10. Remove the rest of the bloat and apply some nice tweaks.
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