SixA – The beginning.

closeDetta inlägg skrevs för 11 år 7 månader 21 dagar sedan, och om det är av karaktären åsikt, så reserverar jag mig för att jag mycket sannolikt kan ha ändrat den sedan dess. Är det en guide så kan det också vara så att det inte längre är applicerbart eller fungerar. Dock vill jag inte ta bort, eller orkar sortera, gamla inlägg och därför är det kvar.

I admit I have been somewhat lazy with the development of SixA – the GUI for the PS3 gamepad. It has been hard to try to learn a new scriptlanguage. Not becuase of its complexity but rather because of my lack of spare time.

But the development is now taking some big (stumbling) steps. The GUI is still in heavy development and I’m still learning to handle signals from the GUI and use them together with some commands and actions. Like adding a new gamepad and tell it what to do.

All the other code is already pretty much done, Thanks to Filipe aka. falkTX. I will just have to implent it to the GUI and the actual SixA.

You can already watch the development, altough it doesnt to anything yet, it’s just a GUI. But still you can watch it and perhaps comment with improvements and such.

The code is hosted on Launchpad.

And you can download the latest branch using Bazaar:
$ bzr branch lp:gsixaxis

But you will probably need to install the bzr-package first:
$ sudo apt-get install bzr
(click on the link to install it graphically)